Listen to the two dads risking it all for country music stardom

They already had it all. They were two dads living an idyllic life in Kentucky, playing gigs here and there, and working full-time jobs doing what they loved.

But a dream of playing music full-time continued to pull on their plaid shirts.

And now, the Jericho Woods Band find themselves on the verge of putting out their first official single, which reverts back to a ’90s country sound that their fans just can’t get enough of.

“We are still getting used to the fact that we can put ‘musician’ on our tax forms,” laughs Jericho Woods Band member Josh Mitcham. “It’s so cool that this is our job.”

Their new song, “Better Now,” goes back to the sound that they both were raised on. “We were coming of age in the ’90s,” explains band member Paul Priest, who says he is looking forward to putting out their new album come April. “I was the guy in the Doc Martens and the flannel shirts listening to bands like Hootie and the Blowfish. We think that there are echoes of that ’90s sound in everything we love to play.”

With a mixture of bluegrass and southern rock infused in each note, Jericho Woods Band already has made quite a name for themselves, voted as one of the best bands in Kentucky. And while constantly finding ways to expand their musical palette by listening to artists such as Rhett Akins, Sturgill Simpson and George Strait, the band is hungry to bring a new sound to the country music airwaves.

“We are not those country guys singing about big trucks and back roads, but we are the guys that want to put music out that you can crank up in your car with the windows down this summer,” Paul says.

Here’s your chance to listen to “Better Now,” along with a pre-order link to purchase the song.

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Tricia Despres, Country Editor